Condor Oil Line

The triple action CONDOR OIL renews, brightens and polishes your wood, but ... It is not greasy!


The wood is a living product and it is subject to degradation determined by the weather, dust, moths and mildew.


To prevent deterioration and stop the aging process of your wooden element use the products of Condor Oil Line.


Thanks to Condor Oil you can nourish and protect the wood enhancing its natural beauty and reviving the color.


The products available are:

  • IL LUCIDA MOBILI: to renew and protect your antique and modern furniture, doors and windows.
  • IL RAVVIVA SERRAMENTI: to protect the wood from the elements (rain, sun, wind). Suitable for outdoor use.
  • OLIO TEAK: indicated for the maintenance of garden wooden or plastic furniture.
  • IL PULITORE: To clean, remove stains and degrease all wooden surfaces without damaging the paint or natural finishings
  • IL RAVVIVA LEGNO: renews, brightens and protects from the elements and from being walked.