Colors by PantaDecor

PantaDecor Colors allow you to give the rooms a touch of originality and color.


Create a PantaDecor Color is very easy: it is sufficient chose your favorate color, dilute it in the base of your choice (Giada, Perla, Ambra) by following these simple instructions:

  1. Choose the neutral base: an anique result Giada, Perla and Ambra for silky sand effect for a modern and smooth glitter.
  2. Choose the color keeping in mind that if the room tends to be a little dark is better to use a soft shade while if it is brighter is convenient a more intense shade. In the first case will simply mix just a can of toner with a can of base while in the second case two or three toner cans.


The application is as easy as whitewash a wall. For the application, we recommend using a brush of our Spalter Line. In addition, we reccommend stopring the varnish for future corrections.

For a exceptional final touch decorate the wall or ceiling with our transferable strips.


Giada is a breathable water-based paint made of high quality synthetic resins. With extreme simplicity allows to obtain an antique, fascinating and spatula effect.

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Perla is a green and friendly decorative paint in water dispersion.

Perla is highly washable, characterized by the use of special additives that create a special metallic effect of refraction of light. Special microscopic particles give the decorative pattern with special chiaroscuro effects and a silky soft feel.

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Ambra is a breathable water-based paint, totally non-toxic and solvent-free, enriched with the presence of small glitter inside. Once dried, it makes your walls brighter and with a touch of class.
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